The marketplace is saturated.

The merchants,
- greedy, impatient, conceited.

The coveted commodity relentlessly targeted.

The merchandise,
 - innocent, pure, blinded.

No matter the price they must be sacrificed - traded.

The buyers,
- dangerous, dogged, wicked.

For you, for I, us
have destinies that must be stopped
else we may cause too much fuss
their plans put in shambles, flopped.

Like a roaring lion, they prowled, waited
with unabashed concentration, they operated
for your soul to be traded
sent down to the prison of the anointed
with no hope, purpose - obliterated.


The land, impure.
The future, unsure.

Slaves are riding horses
princes are walking on foot
with no care for consequences
only to nourish the evil root.

For the innocent blood, spilled on the shrine
Justice is waiting for its time to shine.

Before I was in my mother’s womb
was the trade set into motion
for my soul to be put in the tomb
did they fight in commotion.

Before I took my first breath
were their fangs sniffing for my blood
ruthlessly aiming for death
did the attack cause a flood.

The buyers hate it, my liberation
They deplore it, my freedom
They loathe it, my salvation.

The buyers crave it, your destiny
They defile it, your purity
They manipulate it, your psyche.

Rebel, and break free
break the trade, take refuge under the Tree
of Life and serenity
full of peace, joy and liberty.

Our souls are no merchandise
To be tossed around like dice.

You have a responsibility
Don’t look away, take duty.

Who was your merchant?
Mum? Dad? or another tyrant?
someone you trusted, dis-trusted, feared?
one who had authority over you and sweared
your life away without consideration
under them, your star was to reach its destination

There is hope! 
There is hope! 
Yes, there is hope!

Forget about the old days
Repent, change your old ways.

Set yourself on the path to life
Remove from your heart the strife.

while they struggle to scrape
whatever they can to use in their oppression
of the mind for world domination.

There is hope! 
There is hope! 
Yes, there is hope!

It's time to plot your escape
They didn’t create you, don’t have the last word.

Go! Race out of the gates wearing the cape
With power, wield The Double-Edged Sword.

I know Someone whom I can introduce you to
Pure, patient, kind, who loves you.

If only you would open up your heart
Out of the trap, your soul would be lifted - an art.

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