“What exactly is Hollywood’s true currency?”, I wondered. “Is it with favours you do for each other like a barter?”, “or is it your network and relationships”?”, I reflected. “It can be everything BUT money - that part is clear”, I concluded.

Currency noun [ S ] / standard definition
UK /ˈkʌr.ən.si / US /ˈkɝː.ən.si/
the money that is used in a particular country at a particular time.
Cambridge dictionary

One may think that the nation of media and entertainment is a place where people trade in the one commodity that has been accepted as the currency of the world - money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The nature and the extended reach of the media and its immeasurable impact on people’s lives attract a large pool of high-net-worth personalities, governments, and organisations who are willing to go to extreme lengths to get a hold of that power. The reasons for this are simple: the furthering of their [im]moral, [il]legal, [pseudo]commercial, and [cosmo]political agendas. 

Money is many things in their ideology, a tool for manipulation, an instrument in public relations, a reward after task completion yet - not the currency. 

You all know this, so why keep pretending?

You all know that the place where deals are closed is not in embellished expensive buildings filled with desks, equipped with computers, and resounding with sounds of copy machines. So why keep pretending?

You all know that the decisions for the next high-budget TV shows are not made during professional lunches with industry veterans at your favourite restaurant in town. So why keep pretending?

You all know that the agreement for the next 200-million-dollar blockbuster is not rooted in the quality of the idea, the nature of the talent, or the demand of the market. So why keep pretending?

You all know that the next popular actor, singer, or artist in the business is neither determined by the public and its preferences, nor by the organic allure of their gift. So why keep pretending?

The ultimate currency that facilitates the order of authority, agency and power both in the seen and the unseen realm of your industry is sex, and you have become slaves to it. 

Your enslavement to sexual perversion is not only oppressing you, but it is also turning off your customers because your work carries that perfume of immorality as if to radiate death. As the depth of your sexual depravity increases, the quality of your art equally deteriorates until it has now reached the point where your music, films, shows, and other forms of media cannot help but carry the repulsive fingerprint of one of the oppressive spirits that govern your system: slavery to sex

Your PR experts rush to publish how much your houses cost, how fancy your holidays are, and what expensive designer clothes you wear as if money were the currency of your life, but it truly isn’t. You are slaves to the sex.

They are so money hungry” and “It is all for the money” are some of the things you people fondly read from the public because it keeps them in the dark about the real money that most of you use to do business. You are slaves to the sex.

What has purchased those things for you and given you your success is not money. You are slaves to the sex.

The price you paid for your career and fame was not using dollar bills. You are slaves to the sex.

You have gotten swallowed up by the pollution of your bodies to the point of encouraging and routinely forcing others to do the same. You are slaves to the sex.

In those dark hours when nobody is watching, when you are not posting calculated things on social media, not walking red carpets, not playing mum and dad to children in your arranged contractual marriages, and not abiding by what your public personas demand of you, you are slaves to the sex.

Your nation has designed a structure where money is only a by-product used to keep the people blind, the hungry ignorant, and the enslaved under control, but it is sex that buys and sells it all. You are slaves to the sex.

How appalling,
the number of your stars, sex-trafficked into their current position.

How frightening,
the amount of your appointments, aimed at sexual blackmail and degradation.

How agonising,
the cocktail of drugs, you pump into the unwilling to partake in your tradition.

How harrowing, 
The way you force yourself, onto them without fear or indignation.

How horrifying,
The sadistic breaking, of their souls through repetitive violation.

How chilling,
The sickening satisfaction, you get from enslaving them with full domination.

How sickening,
The training you give them, so they can become your evil contraptions.

How disheartening,
the process they go through, from once oppressed to now oppressor.

My heart cries for the children
the men
the women.

My heart cries for the souls, trapped

My heart cries, for them to seek a place to find restoration.

This currency is no accident. 
It was meticulously planned with a sacrament.
By the sharp-tailed and poisonous serpent.
Drawing his ascent from false testaments.

What a cycle you find yourself into.
Taboo, not worth crawling under, into.
Promising condemnation without sight of election not to.
Yet one you can decide to stop and not continue to walk into.

Who got you started in this? 
Who abandoned you and made you feel like you deserved this?
Who made you believe your life was to be reduced to this?
Who did it and when was this?

You now have a choice, don’t you?
A choice to say no and reconnect with the real you.
A choice to make the pain stop and mend you.
A choice to forfeit slavery and liberate you.

You do know that you’ll have to pay the price, right?
The price of not going to their parties at night.
The price to give up the public persona and fight the good fight.
The price to wield the sword of truth and be the white knight.

To those who have resisted the currency.
Punished for avoiding the path to lunacy.
To them, I say: stay strong, you need not worry.
Soul kept whole, spirit full of energy.

Currency noun [ S ] / Revised definition
UK /ˈkʌr.ən.si / US /ˈkɝː.ən.si/
the variety of perverted sexual acts used in this particular system to exchange goods and services, at a particular time. One that is the greatest tool of oppression, responsible for the largest pool of depression, and must be devalued and destroyed - ceasing all trade and operations.
Elvira dictionary

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