Elvira (pronounced El-vee-ra) is a German writer, businesswoman, and the founder of The Studio.

She fell in love with storytelling early in life, writing songs and poems from the age of seven at her childhood home in the heart of Africa but without much more to it at the time. She later launched a blog at age sixteen sharing her hobbies with niche audiences worldwide.

Everything changed two years later when Elvira embarked on a journey to Germany alone, leaving behind family and the comfort of home, in pursuit of a better education, and hope for a better future.

The gruelling years that followed this decision saw her fighting tooth and nail to sponsor herself through life and an engineering degree, whilst supporting her loved ones - yet never letting her eyes wander too far away from her pen.

After a completed education and several years spent climbing up the corporate ladder, it was in January 2022 that Elvira decided to quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur. She took up the role as CEO of the business she co-founded with her sister shortly before the COVID lockdowns in February 2020.

Navigating the freedom and risks that came with her newly found entrepreneurial lifestyle was the epiphany she needed to throw herself into her passion for telling stories. She published her first book that summer.

The challenge of writing and self-publishing her first body of work was a turning point in Elvira's journey as a storyteller. For the first time, she felt like she was no longer a mere dilettante but a true practitioner of the art. The draft of her first screenplay was underway shortly after.

In early 2023, it was whilst gearing up to submit her work at screenwriting competitions that the idea for The Studio was born. An idea that Elvira knew would make her path narrower and her journey longer, yet it felt like it was the only one that was right for her.

Whilst her businesses flourished throughout 2023, it was not until 2024 that she saw her idea for The Studio come to fruition, with a larger vision and a bigger mission for the world to enjoy.

The Studio officially launched on April 2024 at elvirastudios.com.

Today, Elvira spends her mornings writing, her days running her businesses, and her free time enjoying life's little pleasures with her loved ones.