Storytelling with heart.

The Studio is an independent publication founded by Elvira, based on the conviction that stories have the power to transform minds, and shape the future.

This platform is the chronicle of our journey towards becoming an independent multimedia ecosystem, and the world's best producer of the type of stories that Elvira sought but couldn't find a lot of in the current mainstream media landscape. A place for storytelling in which moral integrity triumphs over ambiguity; whose character's actions emanate from emotion; whose comedy contains tragedy; and whose drama is always flirting with danger.

Our approach breaks the traditional mould of how stories are told, and taps into the undervalued treasures of storytelling that is audacious, ingenious, and impassioned. Stories that engage, move, and leave a mark. Stories that can provide an escape, yet feel safe.

Welcome to a new ecosystem.

We conceive storytelling as a multifaceted discipline in which taking risks and blurring the lines of creative expression is the key to making magic. Directors in writer’s rooms, and writers on movie sets; novelists writing scripts, and screenwriters writing novels; directors producing films, and producers directing them. At The Studio, we are building a home for stories that refuse to fit into a box, but never fail to check every box of what makes stories GREAT. 

Join us on our journey, as we bring to life original ideas, concepts, characters and lore, whilst taking a swing at the pre-established ones that we all love and care for. 

Fresh content, delivered weekly.

We write and publish scripts spanning through different formats and genres, from short films to serials, and everything in between. Do not miss additional exclusive essays that recount our authors' experimentations with different techniques and lessons learned on their storytellers' journeys.